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"The walk of life should be done with arms wide open rarely looking forward. That way you don't forget where you are." Alex Christmas 2016 "CALATORESC PESTE TOT, SA AJUNG NICI UNDE, SA FAC IARA NIMIC, SINGUR!" ALex Craciun JAN 2017 My Word coming out of your mouth is My SWORD! My word coming out of YOUR mouth is the SWORD for both of us, or my Destruction!" Alex Christmas Feb 2017 "Don't wait for Brilliance or Genius to Hit you, or find you! Wait for STILLNESS! Now ask for what you want and you'll get busy getting there without lifting a muscle." Alex Christmas Feb. 15th 2:57AM 2017 "Don't Learn a musical INSTRUMENT, Instead Let it play with you! Once it playd enough for you to learn it, Then PUSH IT to GO PLACES!" Alex Christmas FEB 15th 2:57AM 2017 I Break myself, I BUILD myself. I Break myself TO BUILD myself. What I build is in the Garden. My garden is beautiful. Alex Chrirstmas 2003 "Why So many PLANETS in the SKY? Simple! All Big pieces of EARTH to REMIND us HOW big WE really are LOOKING INWARD!" Alex CHRISTMAS Jan 2017
"Out of pain and sorrow of depression comes courage to accept, will power to live and the courage to change the world." Alex Christmas 2008 "War is as old as peace but evil is not as old as time." Alex Christmas 2015 FORGET you are MARRIED and REMEMBER you are DYING!" Alex Christmas Jan 2017 "Better to REMEMBER you FORGET, Then FORGET TO REMEMBER! The BREST Lesson I CAN teach MYSELF!" ALex Christmas FEB 2017
"Prayer is the Soul's Breath of Life." Alex Christmas 2016
“Quotes are a plethora of wisdom that inspires inspiration through poetry of wisdom and limbic revelations”. Alex Christmas

My Dear Friends,

Wednesday, ‎July ‎22, ‎2015, ‏‎10:59:51 AM


            Through the grace and intercession of our humanity we have come together as one body of collective consciousness and have formed a bond at this very precise time in our lives in search of our happiness.  We have found ourselves at a crossroads in search of the road that leads to our happiness.  Not happiness concerning our past or present but the happiness that can follow from this moment on!  The reason is very simple and yet very powerful.  The reason is strong and very important.  The reason is because happiness is not part of your lives at this moment.  Without happiness we are like a plant without water, a fish with no water, a child with no mother, a heart with no Joy.  Without happiness there is no recompense for love.  There is no communion with the world.   There is no light in the darkness.  Without happiness we do not give or receive love.  We do NOT LIVE!  We wither and die, and we do so alone and worse we do so living! In this state life has no meaning, has to fruits of labor, has no companionship and has no bonds.  To truly love someone we have to love everyone.


            Marriage is the secondary love we learn in life.  It is a holly union because it is the second love we experience in life after the love we have and receive from our parents.  Our parents are the vessels of love that are supposed to instill us with love, unconditional love, so that when we become parents we do so ourselves for our children.  In the world today this system has been broken by all of us.

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