Life of Quotes An Original Series of Short Stories and Quotes and Poems By Alex Christmas For Love We pray. For Love to Stay . For Love To never Go away. Ive Seen the darkness and its home It has no welcome mat or a front door No light no path no land no shore It only lives in the heart of those Who are alone in the world Christians: Who we are! What we do! What we see! What we find! Who we find! I want to live! I want to live Forever! All I have to do is to believe! All I have to do to believe is have faith! Faith works with belief in that which we cannot see! To have faith ALL I have to do is Find God! All I have to do to find God is to search for Him everywhere! Then when I don’t find him I start looking inside myself! There I find Him! There He is! Then I feel Him! Then I see Him! Then I ask His name! Then He tells me and Who he is! Then I know! Then my faith begins to grow! Then my belief begins to see! Then I start to change! Then people begin to see this change! Then they begin to change though grace! Then I say nothing! Then they find Him too! Then they tell me his name! Then I know that He is Real and He’s True! Thank you Lord! Thank you and Amen! It has been said by a man whose name was Seraphim of Sarov: “Acquire a peaceful spirit and around thousands will be saved”! This of course by Him who we all find when we really search! For He is at the door knocking, knocking, knocking! Let’s now all open that door! He only needs to be found ONCE! Then my faith will do the rest! My discipline is the sound of knowledge, Which lives within my humility! Knowledge is the mother of understanding, For in humility my experience forges truth! Understanding is her sister! Patients are her children! The children bring me peace! Peace keeps my soul alive! Now the truth: Peace keeps my soul alive! Now my body will grow old! So now time becomes important! That’s the truth I have been told! Importance helps me arrange my choices! Choices are the fruits I harvest! They are offerings to Him, That keeps my faith in balance! This is the nutritious food my soul requires! Then my body has to go……. Then my soul will lift my body! The body of my heart loves to live in peace! Now that, that I have searched and found is called: Love! And love is Eternal! And He that I have found has also died with me! For me and before me! Yet He came back to life with life! Through the intersection of the Almighty! Also known to Him as His Heavenly Dad! The Father of Love! He has been there at all times! For he carries IT, Love, throughout all of time! That is his main purpose and message! For his presence is forever! His devotion is Eternal! Eternity is His Time Line! His presence is not seen in one place, in one time or in one thing! For He is all of things all of this combined! This He knows! Yet He calls upon us always asking us to GO! But How? We can’t see Him! So he made us a path! He sent us the one and only, the One we call His Son! The only one so we don’t get lost. He made us one single path! This so we don’t stray! That path’s name is Christ! So Christ Came to us! In the same way as mankind died. In the same sequence of time as to redeem our sins! The woman took the first bite. So through a woman He came! Then Adam took a bite as well and so as a man He came! Now the fruit they tasted on a tree it grows. And trees grow, they’re made of wood. So He chose to spill his blood, On the very Cross of doom! Then Adam and Eve Died! And so He died like all of us! He went to Hades for 3 days! To comfort everyone! He told them that soon He will rise, and so will they! On a day not far away! Then He came back from his trip to Hell, To the ones who had built their faith in Him! Showed them that his body and wounds had been forevermore removed! They touched Him in disbelief! Yet rejoiced in peace and faith! Then the told them once again that He will Ascend! And so He did as He had promised! On His way He went! To prepare a place in Heaven to the right of Him that’s True. Be glad! Rejoice! No need to lament! “I will soon come back and return again”! So spread what faith you have and the things you have seen! Write it down and prepare it for the cleansing of Sin. In the meantime He’ll prepare a place for all those who can get cleaned! Now listen carefully for the rest of the way, Only comes to each one based on our true faith. The Footstool, The morning Sun, the Son of God The Christ! His blessings that He promised comes to all of Us. How you ask?
Bacckground: Saint John Maximovich Cathedral San Francisco, CA 2012 Background Photograph: Vatican Rome Italy 2012 Background Picture Louvre Paris France 2012 Background Picture Louvre Paris France 2012

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Life of Quotes
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