Life. Life is! At this very moment I have no inspiration to write, thus I am forcing my fingers to follow my brain in Faith and just keep moving. Over the keyboard and letters of the laptop I want to teach my fingers that the word, the spoken word needs no inspiration. For the first spoken word from the Heart is The Kingdom of Heaven. This started with the word life. Life is! Anything that will follows this moment is the result of Live! For Live Is! Has been and most importantly will always be. Life is the awakening of the force. The the inner Jedi of self introspective thought of the life that lives under the earth. In the clouds, in the the depth of the oceans, In the constellation of the universe, In the shattering of stars and in the black holes of time and space. However all of this is useless if life does not live in the heart of hearts. In our Souls! If this key ingredient is missing than we are one with life, But with no dominion for God!! For God appoints Dominion and control so that He may Restore our Humanity in his image and Glory. Life. Life. Life. Can you hear the heart beat. Life, Life, Life. Can you Feel the Heart Beat. Life, Life, Life Can you see the Heart beat. Life, Life, Life Can you touch the Heart beat. Can you welcome life in to what you Feel, Hear, See and Touch. Life. Today is July 6th. 7/6/2016. Today Life IS! No one can stop it. No One can Slow it. But We can WELCOME it to come for a visit in our hearts and to stay FOREVER. For Life Already IS! Life IS! May we all become FULL OF LIFE. May we become LIFE! TODAY, TOMORROW and ON TO THE AGES OF AGES! AMEN! Glory to YOU OH LORD! I leave all behind and I Chose LIFE! The past! Is now! And now! And now! Again and again. Wake up and live 1 second in the future! Not more not less! We can change our lives in one second if we just................. not think for one second who we were and focus on who we can be. The very next second. The second. Now it is no longer the second for it becomes the first. Did you get it? Now you see how a word, a simple word. A second can become a double edge sword. A double edge sword cuts and heals so it can change everything. In one second. Thus becoming a new! Thank you for reading. Tell me what you saw just now in one second? Was it a first? Dec. 3rd 2016 1:54PM To be or not to be! That is the question. Weather tis nobler in the mind to suffer the negativity one has from ignorance; Or to start fundamentally compartmentalizing our conscious! That is the question. To overcome ourselves now and develop level ground in our lives or continue as is. Knowing ourselves is the first step to gather understanding from everyone else in our lives. From a simple store clerk all the way down to our spouse and family. Thus the obligation embarks on a journey from birth. Fundamentally we all suffer from the “Human Condition” however suffering has been the highest calling of our Lord and Savior, henceforth becoming an emulating beacon that has enlighten humanity consciousness over 2000 years and counting! Question: Has anyone ever defined “The Human Condition”? If so has anyone ever embraced that definition with a complete internal moral cognitive core contemplation thus becoming one and the same as the definition, first pillar of knowledge, the “Condition of Life”? “Condition of life” is the equality that I know we all identical to one another. Condition being: All of us experience life as a human! From rich to poor, good to evil, humble to prideful, sick or healthy! We all smile, we all cry, we all love, we all get hurt, we all hurt ourselves! The finish line is the same and we all get there! We all want to do better deep down! Thus the finish line becomes the start line. This in all aspects of our lives from health and exercise to faith and all the way to our greedy, selfish and stubborn selves. Each one being the start and finish line in it’s own race! Bur racing requires competition, so who and for what are they competing for? Answer: “ Our Core Values!” They are the competition that instigates us to fight! Inward and outward in our lives the ultimate good versus evil.

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