“God is an equation where the answer is the same as the equation multiplied by infinity.” By Alex Christmas In today world true love is hard to find, even harder to give and almost impossible to recognize or define. Let’s take a moment to assess that and cross reference that statement with ourselves. If after pondering that your minds first instinct is to reflect on someone in your life, someone you love, someone that loves you and how that love is reciprocated ask if you know or want to know or feel God’s love. We all want to believe that unconditional love among each other exists, but my interpretation is on the contrary. It is a lesser task to love someone in your presence while engages in contact for example then one hour later. What about if someone we love passes away? Do we still love them unconditionally if we never see them in person again? Never hear their voice? I guess one can argue yes! Love evolves and changes and it is still unconditional just in a different way. I wonder if I love my grandparents who passed many years ago. Thinking about it I don’t really know. I wonder if I loved them when they were alive. Thinking about it I don’t know. I must have loved them because I feel something in my heart but not sure what. Not something concrete that I can define, or want to categorize as love since love should be this big thing that can overcome mountains. One thing is for sure, I want to have loved them and so I keep searching. Let me ask myself and see: Do I love my mother now? Will I love her when she passes away? Will I love her 10 from then? Will that love be unconditional then? Is it unconditional today? Will the love 10 years from then be the same as the love today? Unconditional love is defined as “not subject to any conditions.” Is life one of the conditions? I I have love while being will I love in death? Thinking of love so much what is love really made of? Is it all feelings? If it is made of feelings which ones are of love? In closing a final question are these the questions everyone is asking themselves as well at some point in time? As previously mentioned I have always been an inquisitive child and even more so now as an adult. Love is hard to find, even harder to give and impossible to recognize or define. Part two of my reflection here is to cross reference that with what is God’s love. Who is God? One thing I know certain of God is that God one true God is God of Life, meaning that God is alive when we are alive and his purpose is that of life. In fact the only purpose! Albert Einstein said that “Coincidences are God’s way of remaining anonymous.” Everyone can agree on one thing that across all religions God’s purpose is that of Life. My when I asked my best friend Gavriil, an orthodox priest monk, why are there so many religions and why is he an Orthodox he replied that religion is the vertical line in which man can connect to God and Orthodoxy is most vertical line connecting him with God. So let’s examine that mathematically. God equals life. God = Life. The equation now becomes God + Life = God + Life Multiplied by infinity. Thus “God is an equation where the answer is the same as the equation multiplied by infinity”. To me this was a very important revelation in acknowledging God is life and in God life is eternal. Background Picture Taken Sovata, RO 2013 Near a Popular Salt Mine Math: Problems are equations. Havasu Arizona London Bridge 2012 Background Kawaii, Garden ISland 2013 Background: Rome Italy 2013 Background Sturgis 2014 on tour with Steppenwolf

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