I've Got Cataclysmic Pressure inside my soul

Ballistic Evil powers turning my heart cold.

When I was Young I couldn't wait to grow old.

And now I forgot the lesson That I was once told.

The prophecy that lets all truth unfold.

That human nature evolves in an evil core.

Because we never have enough always wanting more.

Only option remaining is to be praising the Lord.

Only trick left is to do it before

The world collapses in an evil gore

Otherwise the next thing we know:

Its the start of another hell's war.


But then again if we are all evil from birth;

Why do we exist in this so called world.

Is there a God up there in the sky

Or just another excuse given to us to stay alive.

Or is it the inspiration some of us need to survive

Or is it because in the end We Are All Afraid TO DIE.



We all Scrape By

Creating alibis

To Shadow all the lies

Held Deeply Down inside.



When its time its TIME.

Death does not come around holding a sign.

You won't find the answers in this rhyme.

The only thing left is to let the lights Shine

Through all the darkness clouding the mind.


How do we know which path to choose.

Do we instantly pick the one least likely to lose.

Or does it really matter which path we choose

Because in the end, as evil men, everything we have we seem to abuse.

But enough of the small talk.

Is there anyone out there willing to be spreading a spark

Before the light at the end of the tunnel just got too far?

"Prayer is the Soul's Breath of Life." Alex Christmas 2016

Below was written in 2001:

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