Once upon a time, a long time ago, in a faraway place there lived a struggling writer. He was a simple man. The simplicity of this man was out of the ordinary. It was actually hard to spot at first glance right away. At first glance this man came across as sophisticated, intelligent and often times humorous. However these traits were an empty vessel for those who value them, for you see simplicity is a form of stillness. At its core simplicity is one of the most benevolent actions humanity is capable of! The ability to take every form of information and turn it into a pearl of wisdom. A seed of knowledge! A backbone to the origins of compassion that sparks the fire of empathy and self-reflection. His name was Michael Sheppard. He struggled a long and hard path and still had a long way to go. His daily life was riddled with indecisions regarding past hopes and dreams. He believed himself broken that caused him to be oblivious to what truly lied in his heart. But one morning when he opened his eyes and his path became clear. He left his house in search of what he was destined to find. Hopefully what everyone is destined to find. True Happiness! He kept walking until he found himself standing in a nearby forest surrounded by wetlands and the call of birds in the air as they pass by flying in the nearby trees. There he found a beautiful clearing with the sun shining down over his head. He came to realize that anything he has ever wanted in his life can be done through a little determination and faith. As he entered the clearing he noticed that he was being gazed upon from the shaded tree line. He stops in his tracks and tries to determine what was watching him. His heart is now pounding and his face beings sweating as though he had a premonition of something was going to happen. He grips his old musty leather notebook in fear of anticipation! As his heart continues to pound he stays fixated on the tree line. Wondering what could possibly happen next. He knows deep down that an awakening force is pointing the way to happiness so nothing was going to change his mind. He wondered, was it an animal? Was it going to be an encounter of the third kind?? It begins to get cloudy in a matter of a few minutes. The closes refugee tree line or a nearby parking lot was about a 10 min walk in the opposite direction of where he felt he was being watched. He guards his leather notebook and considers leaving the wide open space and head for the parking lot. There was a time in his life that he would have instantly ran but not today. Michael lives everyday as though he is blind. He has a vision, but lives life and sees daily life as though through stained glass. Thinking about the future with astronomical plans until the clock runs dry. At the crack of dawn he awakens to a grim reality of daily blindness to find himself in a pattern that lasted for what he sees as a lifetime. Every day he drains the clock of what we call time with the soul’s ambition being surpassed by actions of the daily routine. He lives to reflect and be reflected upon with hope for a better future with purpose. He dreams of one day to have a clear path and his vision restored before the worlds fades into gray and time stands still. He knows the future but cannot use it. He learns from the past, sees the future but the present is shut out. As he heads to the parking lot he remembers something from High school. Something he has not remembered for a long time. It came back as a flashback in so much detail he decides to turn around and head right for the tree line. He figured that there are no such things as coincidences and today was a day like no other. It seemed as though everything was connected. As though today he had power over the present. Now like every flashback memory that everyone experiences in different ways one thing is usually found to be in common, that is time. Time seems to be a very popular participant, a daily member of our lives. We rely on time independently and as one collective human race. Our boss may tell us what time to be at work, but our alarm clocks tells us when to join the world. The awakening moment of circumstance that we all put on the same way we put on our pants! One leg at a time. Everyone has forgotten over time, perhaps over the last century what a great force of untapped potential this moment can offer. An awakening moment is the first step of change. Happening in the morning or having a flashback is traveling in a different time of our lives, fueled by our subconscious to paint pictures and hear the remanences of words. Think of the major balancing forces at work that have inspired philosophers over the centuries to leave a common footprint on the consciousness of mankind, transitioning in different climates, different people, and different genders. All these factors, yet each and every time the binding glue of meaning is shared by time and circumstance. The fuel for inspiration that leads to determination will always be value. It is the pre-moral and primal sense of prestige we develop in our thought process early on in life and we remain dependent on it indefinitely. As humans and thus different from every creature on this planet, it is very apparent that prestige is already a pre-despondent aiding element in our environment. Thus another bridge of balancing forms unveil themselves that both free and enslave our existence. Now in hopes to understand Michael Sheppard blast to the past some understanding might be a little necessary. The parameters and forces of happiness is much like love. They both happen across the globe in every corner of the world, every culture, and every gender. As far as we as humans are concerned. Thus an example that happiness may be something we share as a planet and hence every living creature is encircled in this organism we call life. Now love and happiness can exist separately! Most people do not believe this to be true but to the contrary people like Mother Theresa bestowed her love unconditionally but in the end she wrote that she was not happy at all times. She wrote that it was love for someone else other than herself that was the fight of her life and at times it was empty and shallow. Just like the rest of us. An example of a life that was only measured at the end by the rest of the world. But measured by life in the midst of all her charitable works. Michael knew this very well. After a long life of struggles and cases after cases of bad luck he knew that happiness can live without love and love can live without happiness. As adults we tend to forget to reflect upon the importance of our genetics and the impact it can have on our lives. In our shallow society today when the subject comes up it is usually in science and medicine. How to further explain our origins, and possibly map out our destination course as Humanity. The last frontier to go where no man has gone before. 500 years from now none of us living today will be here, but our DNA might be. Our DNA was a lineage of our traits and ancestors. Teaching a monkey to read and write to prove that we came from evolution is awesome in today’s world, however that monkey will not leave written books for other monkeys. It is sad in the world today that tries to have us convinced to take the good with the bad that DNA, the only reason we have come so far is now used to limit our minds when it comes to the future. Thus giving us yet another reason to not look at our past. Yet another bridge is unveiled of balancing forces of life like the current hidden under a wave. Or a wind caused by a falling leaf. Insignificant in the grand scale of things, forgotten and unused. Discarded for meaning, nevertheless happening everywhere. Much like love and happiness! Time and circumstance, pre-moral and primal senses, habits and climate in our environment, male and female. Mom and dad, our genetic makeup is insignificant in our daily thought process. Still, how can it be possible that the most insignificant ingredient in our thought process, our DNA, is also the only reason we have our thought process.

This story was started as a collective work from Cordial Auto Team.

  The first paragraph was written by me and the rest was added one person at a time.  A company exercise of writing.

(Jordan, Samantha, Brandon, Shane, Denise and Eduard).

Raining in November.

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