WHY QUOTES?  “Quotes are a plethora of wisdom that inspires inspiration through poetry of wisdom and limbic revelations”. Alex Christmas I find quotes to be a perfect dose in fitting with any schedule and any mentality. At a minor significance it is like a cup of coffee to get your day started. At a major result it can be life changing to the very core of one’s existence. Quotes for me are a plethora of pieces of inspiration of inspiration. Inspiration is the pillar of motivation and will power. With the technology today the average person is subjected to 3500 commercial symbols per day without even knowing. Between all the car emblems, the McDonald logos, TV commercials, printed store signs our brain has learned to tune all this out. Try walking by a shopping plaza you usually drive by and you will notice that there are lots of businesses there you did not realize are there even though you see them on a regular basis. That is because our brain tunes it out. We are at a time and place in our evolution where we would like to progress and evolve as humanity but we do not have the energy. Mentally we are exhausted from the environment surrounding us that is constantly demanding us to pay attention that we just tune out. Kids do this especially with video games, movies, and media not to mention music. Every modern song made today suggests being something other than ourselves. Vivaldi music does not! Who listens to that before age 12, anymore? Albert Einstein – “By Academic Freedom I understand the right to search for truth, and publish and to teach what one holds to be true. That right implies as a duty: One must not conceal any part of what one has recognized to be true”. Coolest Mobile Pizza Truck!! Oxford England 2014 Background Picture: Friday Harbor 2013 Background Picture : Havasu Arizona 2014

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"I AM Crazy to think I am Normal, But not crazy enough to become Normal." Alex Christmas 2017
Disclaimer: This Website was started on 11/2/2015 SOME of the material has been written in the last 10 years and will be uploaded little by little over time.